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December 6, 2022

Constitutive Declaration of the International Anti-Authoritarian Union IAAU

Jablonna, Poland November 6, 2022

We, the undersigned, representatives of countries, political organizations and state structures, establish the International Anti-Authoritarian Union (IAAU) with the aim of coordinating our actions against authoritarian and non-democratic regimes established in our countries and occupied territories.

We declare our goal to establish democratic power in our countries, elected in free and fair elections.

We firmly stand on the principles of the right of nations to self-determination in accordance with the principles of the UN, reject all forms of imperialism, no matter where they come from, and will support those countries, regions and movements which fight against it.

We recognize the war unleashed by the Putin government of Russia against Ukraine as imperialist and will provide all forms of assistance to Ukraine to restore its territorial integrity, to punish those responsible as war criminals, and to organize the post-war reconstruction of the country.

We consider the current Kremlin regime one of the main sponsors of authoritarianism and imperialism in the post-Soviet space and throughout the world, and we will fight to bring it down as quickly as possible.

In order to organize operational cooperation, we form the Executive Committee of the IAAS, to which each of the signatory organizations delegates two people.

This declaration is open for signing by new members provided that there are no objections from previous signatories.


Ilya Ponomarev, Congress of People’s Deputies (Russia)

Inna Kurochkina, Cabinet of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (Chechnya)

Muhiddin Kibiri, National Alliance of Tajikistan (Tajikistan)

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