Born in Novosibirsk, an electronics engineer. In 1990 he was elected a deputy of the Novosibirsk City Council, and he was a member of the Democratic Russia faction. In 1995, he won elections to the State Duma in the Zaeltsovsky district of Novosibirsk as an independent candidate.

In the State Duma of the 2nd convocation, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Tourism and Sports.

During the Chechen war, he twice met with Dzhokhar Dudayev, supported Ichkeria, and contributed to releasing prisoners on both sides.

During the period of Putin’s rule, he actively participated in the protest movement and was a member of the Liberal Russia party and the United Civil Front.

He served as the 1st Vice-President of the Russian Chess Federation.

Founder of the Novosibirsk Discussion Club and YouTube channel of the same name.

Since July 2022, lives in the United States.